It does not matter how old your bathroom is, bathroom resurfacing with Amazing Resurfacing will bring it back to life.

Amazing Resurfacing can resurface your bathroom without removing wall tiles, baths and sinks. We apply our high gloss coating, in a high gloss white or a colour of your choice.

Resurfacing your original tiles and fittings with our high gloss coating will give them new life. Our Napco coating is a superior product, an advanced modified polyurethane, curing in only 4 hours.


Shower Trays, Baths & Vanities

You may like your bath and shower tray resurfaced to look new again and stop the surface collecting dirt.

Tiles can be updated to a gloss white, and grout lines covered by our coating.
This leaves you with no moulding grout lines to clean.


Vanity doors can be resurfaced, and as a feature, your vanity top can be resurfaced with a stone look coating called Flintstone II.

Resurfacing will modernize your bathroom and is great value for money.

Our coating is hard wearing, does not yellow like epoxy’s and some acrylics, withstands hot water (some don’t) and retains its high gloss finish for years.

In just 4 hours for a bath, or 2 to 3 days for a bathroom, we can make your old tiles and fittings look like new without the expense or mess of replacement.


The process

  • Surfaces and grout lines are repaired
  • Ugly colours are replaced colour of choice
  • Grout lines are sealed by the resurfacing process which prevents future discoloration.