Amazing Kitchen Resurfacing can offer a way to revamp your kitchen by resurfacing the surfaces you already have without any disruption and in a matter of days.

For bench tops, Amazing Kitchen Resurfacing offers a specialty coating, granite finish. This is a stone look of your choice, and creates a warm stone feel to the heart of your home – your kitchen.

Amazing Resurfacing uses the best coating available worldwide on your cabinets and bench top.

We use a high quality Napco process, which we also use on bathroom surfaces. This coating is an advanced modified polyurethane coating that is tough, water resistant, non-yellowing, and comes in high gloss, satin or matte finishes.

To minimise the inconvenience and allow continued use of your kitchen we remove your kitchen cupboards doors and panels to our purpose built factory. Using a high quality Napco process, they are resurfaced and within 9-12 days returned for installation.

In a few days, your kitchen will look like new without the expense or mess of replacement with massive savings.


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